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Following up adoptions

We carry out regular follow ups of the galgos that we re-home. We are kept updated on the dog’s progress and adaptation, any difficulties the galgo may be having and its relationship with other members of the household. And of course, the adventures, anecdotes and emotions experienced during the whole adoption experience.

All this information is of great use to us as it allows us to provide more informed support and advice to new adopters. And if you can illustrate it with a photo, even better. Please send all the information and files to

Publication requirements

4 digital photos in jpeg format. Minimum resolution: 1600 x 1200 @ 72dpi. Horizontal format. Plus text to accompany the photos.

Ron 23.04.2014

Hello everyone, I’ve been meaning to write for a while to give you news about Ron: in May it will be 2 years since we had him and he is still as playful as always, with loads…

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Paloma 09.04.2014

Hola, I’m just writing to say hello and to tell you how happy we are with Paloma. She has just celebrated her 14th birthday and in that time she has had to go through a lot (including…

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Fiona 08.04.2014

Hola, Do you remember Fiona that we adopted a few months ago? We live in Altea and she had a tendency to… let’s…

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Blanco 07.04.2014

Hello, it’s Álvaro, I’m writing to explain what continues to be, undoubtedly, one of the greatest and most rewarding…

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Dash 29.01.2013

Hola Silvia! Last year we adopted Dash (previously called Magnum). At the beginning he was a little timid and nervous, but…

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Dia 09.01.2013

Hola Silvia, Everything is going fantastically with DIA, we are so happy with her and I think she is with us. She plays in…

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