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We depend on our members

Every year we help rescue and adopt more than 350 greyhounds, but we would like to help many more. The only way we can achieve this by increasing the number of members of the association.

More members = More rescued dogs

It’s that simple.

At a purely practical and economic level, the monthly or annual contributions from our members allow us to fund and coordinate the rescue of hundreds of dogs in situations of neglect or danger.

But we also rely on their support in the legislative fight to improve the lives of all greyhounds in Spain.

We always remind our members to continue informing themselves, and the people around them, about the injustices to animals in our country, and to send complaints to the competent authorities.

One complaint is usually ignored, but thousands of them have to be taken into consideration. The more we protest, the faster we can change this terrible situation. You can be the voice of a greyhound in need today, by becoming a member of SOS Galgos.

If you only wish to make a one-time donation, please click here.

As a member of SOS Galgos you receive:

Your membership card and a SOS Galgos car sticker so that you can show your support for a well known charity and help to promote the work that we do.

A copy of our Info-Galgos online magazine which keeps you abreast of all the latest news, the rescues, events, and campaigns. Published quarterly, the 8-page colour magazine is full of useful information, facts, happy endings and tips on how to help us.

Become a member of SOS Galgos today!

Enter your amount without the euro symbol, and press the button.

Membership Subcriptions

To make your subscription to SOS Galgos as easy as possible, we use the secure online system PayPal. It allows you to pay using any major credit card, without having a Paypal account.

Our bank details

If you prefer to make your subscription payment by bank transfer, please send us the amount using the following account details.

SOS Galgos - Caja Navarra: 2054 - 2040 - 73 - 9157894290
SOS Galgos - La Caixa: 2100 - 0148 - 53 - 0200582650

If you have any questions about the charity or becoming a member, please get in touch with us at SOS Galgos directly.

Membership Form

Thank you very much for becoming a member of SOS Galgos. Your contribution will help many needy dogs. If you have made your payment by bank transfer, please complete the registration by adding your details to the form below. Send it to us by clicking on the black button at the bottom.

  • Every month / Every 4 months / Annually
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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