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Your first galgo

Greyhounds love company and are therefore the ideal partner. They are very lazy and prefer to rest in a cozy home.

Like other dogs, they prefer not to be alone. Greyhounds have great eyesight, and are naturally very fast animals, so it is always advisable to take them for walks wearing a strong leash.

The galgo shopping list

Some things to bear in mind:

• A wide leash with a strong collar clip.
• A special collar for greyhounds which always carries and ID tag.
• A container for food and another for water.
• A rubber brush for their fur.
• A bed, a small quilt is ideal because the dogs like to make a nest.
• A rain coat or jacket for the cold.

After reading this section, we hope to have removed the myths about greyhounds as pets and that you can consider offering a permanent home to one of our dogs. Visit our center and decide for yourself.


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