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The history of the greyhound

The greyhound was one of the first dogs domesticated by man. Elegant and stately, the dogs you see today have changed very little from those who decorate the walls of the ancient tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.

The breed spread throughout Africa and Asia and first appeared in England with the arrival of the Celts, around the fifth century BC.
The incredible speed of the greyhound and its remarkable hunting ability made ​​him a social status symbol.

A noble breed

It was such a valuable animal that the punishment for killing a greyhound was the same as for the murder of a person. There was even a medieval law forbidding peasants from owning one.

After several centuries enjoying the privileged position of being considered the king of breeds, the last century has seen the role of the greyhound diminish in a drastic way.

The racing greyhound

The incredible speed of the greyhound (the 18th fastest land mammal) has created a lucrative betting industry based on the outcome of organized races.

Throughout the year there are greyhounds retiring. Most of them are killed when they are no longer profitable. A very small percentage go to other countries where they are adopted as pets.

Galgos for adoption

Former racing greyhounds are accustomed to living in a cage, and adapt easily to the routine of a family. This fact alone shows that you do not need a lot of free time or space in which to walk them. They are more than happy with two or three short walks a day.

Greyhounds are generally docile creatures, sweet and patient. They value human affection greatly, probably because of their solitary past. They eat the same amount and type of food as other dogs of their size, and require the same veterinary care.


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