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The Galgo

It is important to know that the galgo is a very sociable breed and is not so well suited to a solitary lifestyle. The company of another dog serves as a reference. Having reduced fat reserves, a galgo loves to collapse in a soft and comfortable place. And because of their acute visual sense, they love to be high up where they can observe everything. This means that they spend most of their time dozing on the couch all day!

In general the adult greyhound when it is accompanied by another dog, sleeps most of the day. It is extremely lazy and is more like a big cat than a dog.

The galgo transmits peace and tranquility. It is a pleasure to walk them as they do not usually pull the leash; they go along quite happily at your own pace.

Thousands of homeowners can testify to their ability as a wonderful pets. The purpose of this section is to inform you more about greyhounds, so that if one day you think about adopting a rescued dog, we hope you will know enough about galgos to consider one as your new housemate.

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