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12 years fighting for Spanish greyhounds

SOS Galgos was founded in Esplugues, Barcelona in the year 2000, from the Tres Vet animal hospital, our primary veterinary centre. Founders Anna Clements and Albert Sorde met in Barcelona, sharing their love of animals and especially greyhounds.

It was after the closure of the Barcelona greyhound track in ​​1999, that Anna and her husband Albert decided to fight for the 700 racing greyhounds living in deplorable conditions.

During this time, the involvement of foreign associations that defend the rights of greyhounds was critical to overcome the passivity and lack of support from the Catalan and Spanish authorities.

Since then, SOS Galgos continues to fight to defend the rights of indigenous dogs used by hunters to course hares for sport, thousands of which are ultimately abandoned, hanged, beheaded or thrown into pits and ditches every year throughout Spain.

We conduct adoption programmes, but also work tirelessly to change legislation and promote education and awareness to challenge the root problem: the lack of control over breeding and absence of truly effective legislation.

We work to show the public that both retired racing greyhounds as those who are no longer able to hunt can serve as perfect domestic pets for the home.


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