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Our social objectives

Help greyhounds in need, rescuing them and organizing their adoption.

Work to change laws and to ensure better protection for all animals.

Educate and inform the public about how wonderful galgos are as family pets.

Promote solidarity, involve the public and encourage everyone to do their part to solve the problem of animal abuse in Spain.

SOS Galgos in action

1. Rescue retired greyhounds and other domestic pets from situations of commercial gain, sport or neglect, and care for them in a safe place.

2. Provide the necessary sanitary, welfare and veterinary assistance for dogs and other pets awaiting adoption.

3. Promote the adoption of dogs and other pets to qualified persons.

4. Provide ongoing support and education to owners of greyhounds and other pets.

5. Strive to make the public aware of the availability and suitability of greyhounds as pets and inform the general population of the abuse they suffer.

6. Increase public awareness of the needs of pets, and the importance of responsible ownership to promote animal welfare in general.

7. Promote the participation of people with physical or mental disabilities in the rehabilitation of galgos and in the promotion of their suitability as pets.

Promover charlas informativas y visitas periódicas a escuelas, centros hospitalarios, centros geriátricos y otros centros donde los galgos y otros animales de compañía puedan servir de modelo y ayuda para el bienestar de las personas.

8. Arrange informative talks and visits to schools, hospitals, nursing homes and places where galgos and other domestic pets can serve as models, or help in the recovery and welfare of people.


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