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Ron 23.04.2014

Hello everyone,

I’ve been meaning to write for a while to give you news about Ron: in May it will be 2 years since we had him and he is still as playful as always, with loads of energy and eagerness, even though he’s also a real sleepyhead!

He has a special personality that we love, in the sense that he is a good natured dog, affectionate, grateful, playful, he would never hurt anyone or anything, and he gets on just great with children (when a child approaches to stroke him, he wants to lick them!).

I already knew that greyhounds had a lovely nature, but I never imagined that it would be like this. All the family love him!! It’s just a pleasure to have a dog so well behaved!

We have made friends with a group of people that organize galgo meetings, to go out and walk the dogs so that they can socialize, to help the animals that are still afraid. And since Ron is so friendly and good, he always wants to play with everyone!

He is very happy with all our family and friends, and above all with our latest addition, Set – a one year old, labrador cross that we found abandoned in the woods near our village. Since none of the kennels wanted to take him, we looked after him ourselves and in theory he is only being “fostered”, but I think in the end we are going to keep to be keeping him, haha! So there you go, our house is full of animals what with Ron, Matt, Maggie, Set and my sister’s dog Traka, who lives nearby but always wants to come and stay with us.

I hope that you are all very well and that you have enjoyed hearing about Ron again.

Best wishes!!!

Tania and family





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