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Blanco 07.04.2014

Hello, it’s Álvaro,

I’m writing to explain what continues to be, undoubtedly, one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences of my life: adopting Blanco.

We haven’t been living together for very long, specifically from July 1, 2013, it all happened very fast. I remember a few days previously I sent an email to SOS Galgos explaining my situation and asking for some information about adopting. It didn’t take long for you to get in touch with me and we arranged to meet with Anna on July 1. When the day came I was very nervous, worried that you would tell me that I could not adopt since I lived alone in an apartment …

The interview with Anna went very well (and here I would like to highlight the great work that SOS Galgos do – in particular Anna and Sophie who dealt with me. You have my admiration and I wish there were more people like yourselves in this world where we live), so well in fact that I ran to find my partner in her clinic – she is a vet – and we both went that same afternoon to Sophie’s house who had been fostering Blanco. Yes! Blanco!

I remember when Sophie opened the door and Blanco appeared behind her, a little shy with a sad face. I remember that I was really nervous too. We walked inside and Blanco approached me slowly. I went to stroke him and he put out his paw so that I could hold it. At that moment he won me over forever! We left Sophie’s house, hopped in the car and headed home. Once there, we prepared the fluffiest quilt we could find, and as soon as he saw it he went straight to lie down on top of it.

Gradually he has become the king of the house! He loves to sleep on the couch, lie in the sun on the balcony, eat, eat and eat – did I mention eating?! He’s a greedy pig! But what he likes most is that you cuddle him! He loves it! When I get home I have him waiting for me, he runs to the couch and flops down so that I can hug him.

He is very much a street dog, he loves to go outside and sniff all the plants along the way! In the afternoons we go running together, or rather, I run and he seems to be walking along like it’s nothing, haha! He isn’t so well behaved with some of the other dogs we meet, he growls or barks at them, especially the big ones. He’s actually more afraid of the little ones, although slowly they become friends.

Blanco is a very loving dog, always looking for a hug or a cuddle, and if you can lie at your side even better. We both love watching TV together on the couch, well I watch TV, he sleeps soundly, but I love looking at him to see how calm, happy and at peace he is …

Thank you so much SOS Galgos for putting this beautiful creature in my life. It has changed it completely!







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