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Paloma 09.04.2014


I’m just writing to say hello and to tell you how happy we are with Paloma.

She has just celebrated her 14th birthday and in that time she has had to go through a lot (including a recent spleen operation…).

But I am very pleased to say that she is doing great and is happier than ever.

We look after her with much love and for me, she is one of the most beautiful lives to have crossed paths with my own.

Thank you for continuing to fight! And for all the wonderful things that you are doing for thousands of greyhounds.

Paloma came to me in 2003 from your association. She arrived from Sevilla, scared to death and originally only for fostering. We have been through many tough times, but also some marvelous ones. All the suffering has been worth it when you see her now playing each day with the delight of a puppy.

Thank you SOS Galgos for making it all possible!





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