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Betty 09.01.2013

Hola Silvia!!!

Betty is fantastic!! She’s an angel, affectionate, sweet, playful, lazy, sleepy, gentle, beautiful, I could go on for hours like this…

Se adapted very fast to her new home. At the beginning she was a little uncertain, but soon afterwards, fine… We are really happy… We have been so lucky to have adopted her.

She walks at your side, we can let her run free without a problem and she has even learnt how to play: to fetch her ball and to run up the stairs! The only thing we noticed is that with other greyhounds she can become a little defensive… I suppose being a dominant female causes this. And if the other greyhound isn’t playful, she doesn’t get on with them.

Well, she ignores them and that’s it!! jajajajajajaja But in general we are really happy with her and in the near future we will give her a little brother jejejejeje like that she will have to get used to it!!!

I can’t wait to discover more about her and see her on the website!!!

A big hug, and I hope that 2013 will bring more good homes to these beautiful animals!!








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