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In defence of the galgo

Every year in Spain, tens of thousands of dogs are hung, garroted, poisoned or thrown into pits and wells. SOS Galgos, thanks to it’s programmes of rescue, rehabilitation and adoption, has given new lives to almost 2000 galgos. But we are also fighting every day to change the laws and educate the public about the rights of animals in Spain. With your help, we can give a brighter future to many more animals. Put a galgo in your life!

   Latest news

Another galgo thrown into a well!

We have just rescued this female greyhound in Toledo. If it wasn’t already difficult enough for her to free herself from the bottom of the well, a heavy wooden pallet had been…

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Online premier of “February”, the documentary

Today is a very important day, because this afternoon we release ‘February. The fear of the greyhounds’ by WaggingtaleFilms through an online viewing platform at a special…

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First images from the Egyptian catwalk!

Last night 11 Cleopatras and 11 of SOS Galgos’ greyhounds for adoption took the stage in tune to Enigma and Enya music at Otto Zutz discoteque in Tarragona. The evening was mystical…

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   Some of our dogs for adoption

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